How to Make Thumb Print Art

Thumbprint art is an easy way to help your kids stretch their imaginations and utilize their creativity. It’s a great activity to experiment with when crayons and paints become a little boring.

Kids can create all sorts of things using just their thumbs.
Step 1:All you need to get started are colorful ink pads, paper and a pen. Watercolor paper is especially effective at absorbing the ink.

Use several different colors of ink to add interest to your art.
Step 2:Place your thumb face down onto an ink pad and gently rock it from side to side to ensure full ink coverage.

Rock your thumb side to side in the ink pad.
Step 3:Place your thumb on the paper and press down firmly.

Make a thumbprint stamp on the paper.
Step 4:Use a pen to turn your thumbprints into animals and other objects. Add legs and a face to create a caterpillar, for example.

A few pen strokes turns these thumbprints into a caterpillar.
Step 5:With a little creativity, the sky is the limit to what you can make. Animals, vehicles and landscapes are all popular choices. Expand your thumb art with additional details, like the caterpillar’s setting of a tree and a cloud-filled sky.

Making blue thumbprint clouds.